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2023 Seminar: Culture as a Connector

2023 Seminar: Culture as a Connector

Turkish-Israeli Civil Society Forum's flagship project, Influencers for Dialogue, has been ongoing since 2021. This project aims to foster digital media campaigns created by young individuals from Turkey and Israel to promote public diplomacy between the two nations.

The seminar titled "Culture as a Connector" was organized in Istanbul, where participants discussed the impact of cultural projects on public diplomacy. This web report provides an overview of the seminar, including guest speakers, sessions, and the showcased projects.The seminar started with a welcoming dinner, attended by trainers and esteemed guests.

Consul General of Israel to Turkey Rami Hatan highlighted the influence of young people on bilateral relations, emphasizing the crucial role of civil society collaboration in improving these relations.Arik Segal delivered a lecture on the importance of strategy and teamwork. Dr. Senem Çevik from Woodbury University addressed the role of culture in developing digital projects for public diplomacy, focusing on cultural diplomacy's facilitative impact.

After the lectures, participants embarked on a diversity tour in Istanbul to explore its rich cultural heritage. lecturesThe participants have received several trainings and lectures on strategy and teamwork, cultural diplomacy, best examples in Turkish civil society and latest developments on Turkish-Israeli relations. After the lectures new participants for Ideathon for Dialogue begun. During the ideathon, participants contributed to the projects they had and in the end they presented their projects to the entire group.

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