Influencers for Dialogue - 2022

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July 19 - September 28, 2022

applications for IFD - 2022 has ended, thank you so much for your interest to our program

What is Influencers for Dialogue?

The "Influencers for Dialogue" project is part of the TICSF's activities. Its main goal is to create a network of young Turkish and Israeli leaders to realize the importance of relations and work together to expose the benefits of collaborations to the publics.

In this training program participants will learn how to design political-social digital projects/campaigns that will support Israeli-Turkish relations. To do so, participants will go through a series of lectures and workshops including history of Israeli-Turkish relations, the challenges and opportunities in relations today and about digital campaigning. Participants will get to know and interact with likeminded young leaders from Israel/Turkey and form groups to compete to win a digital project competition.

In 2021, the first round of IFD was carried out. The project titled the youth of Mediterranean won the prize.

As official Israeli-Turkish has improved significantly in 2022, the IFD program will use the positive momentum to connect peoples from both countries.  



Applications will be evaluated by the TICSF team. If you have any questions or problems with the application, please write to

Deadline for applications: July 11th 2022

(application deadline is extended until July 11th, 2022, Monday)

Who should apply?

  • Young leaders between the ages of 18 – 30 are expected to participate in this program.

  • Fully committed to the program from July-September, participating in all meetings and groupwork

  • The program will be carried out in English hence advanced English is a must.

  • Participants must be able to work as part of a mixed Israeli-Turkish team

Digital Campaigns

Applications will be evaluated by the TICSF team. If you have any questions or problems with the application, please write to

Goals of this Program:

This program aims to support Israeli-Turkish relations through people-to-people interaction and digital campaigns.

To achieve the goal, the participants will design and distribute digital public campaigns on social media that will expose Turkish and Israeli publics to common interests, shared cultural costumes and similarities and shared values.

What is a “digital campaign”?

​​A series of posts/stories/videos that carry the message described above and is distributed on at least one social media platform for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Digital campaign competition

The participants will be divided into mixed Israeli-Turkish teams and build digital campaigns according to the material learned in the program. In the last session they will present their campaigns to a team of judges that will decide on the best campaign.



The winning team members will be invited to a 3 days long seminar in Israel/Turkey. All participants who completed the course will be given a certificate. The participants also will be included to FNF’s alumni lists for special events and opportunities.

What will you learn from this program?

  • History of Turkish-Israeli relations.

  • Current challenges and opportunities in Turkish-Israeli relations

  • Digital political campaign strategy

  • Effective teamwork principles

  • Psychology of digital campaigns

  • How do you make an impact through social media?

  • How to overcome sensitive political issues in

  • Case studies of effective social/political digital campaigns



The program will be carried out online via zoom meetings.

The lectures will be between July 19 - August 30, 2022 - every Tuesday at 18:00

Participants will present their campaigns on September 28, 2022 Wednesday