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IFD 2023

IFD 2023

The "Influencers for Dialogue" (IFD) training program is a project of the Turkish Israeli Civil Society Forum - a public diplomacy initiative that was created to improve and strengthen Israeli-Turkish people-people relations.

The IFD program aims to create a network of young Turkish and Israeli leaders that will realize the importance of relations and work together to expose cultural similarities of both publics through social media, thus promoting positive perspectives of each society.

In this training program participants will learn how to design political-social digital projects/campaigns that will support Israeli-Turkish people-people relations. To do so, participants will go through a series of lectures and workshops including history of Israeli-Turkish relations, the challenges and opportunities in relations today and about digital campaigning. Participants will get to know and interact with likeminded young leaders from Israel/Turkey and form groups that will compete against each other in a digital campaign competition. The winning teams will win awards and will be invited to participate in a seminar.

Selected participants will enjoy a unique opportunity to take part in real public diplomacy!

Who should apply for this training?

  • Young leaders: Participants must be between the ages of 18 - 30 and see themselves as current, or future influential figures in their societies and communities.

  • Team-players: can work in a group with and contribute to a team

  • Committed for active participation throughout the entire program

  • Interested to support Israeli-Turkish relations

  • English skills: Participants should be able to communicate in English (the program will be taught in English)

How will the program be executed?

Between July 31 and September 4; participants will receive training sessions on public and cultural diplomacy, digital campaigning, social media and Turkish - Israeli relations.

Following these training sessions; participants will be divided to mixed groups and work on their own digital campaigns. They will be given a month to prepare and execute their campaigns.

On October 17, 2023. The participants will have a chance to present their digital campaigns which will be evaluated by expert jury members.

The winning campaign will be invited to a seminar in Türkiye or Israel.

The program's main trainer is Arik Segal, an lecturer and expert in digital political campaigning.

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